Our Case Study

Dolman Law Group gained 400% more cases a month

Rankings has literally delivered on every idea or marketing concept
we have discussed which is rare in his industry.



Few online niches are as challenging or as cutthroat to compete for

rankings as personal injury and civil litigation.

Itʼs a fact Matthew Dolman, owner at Dolman Law Group, knows all too
well. For years, his firm had been battling for clients and rankings against

big-name competitors.

The company had earned a reputation among clients for being both
personal and professional – delivering big firm results with the care and

attention of a small firm.

Still, Matthew knew that in order to grow, they couldnʼt continue to rely on
word of mouth or professional referrals to bring in new cases every month.
He also knew that he didnʼt want to spend six figures on billboard, radio
and TV ads which are difficult to track in an already-saturated market.

Sketchy SEO firms fail to deliver results

Past SEO Professionals failed to produce results or share strategy
ahead of time.

Needed to make a big impact without spending a fortune on
traditional advertising

Minimal traffic and poor lead quality

Limited search visibility with few first-page rankings.

Spammy links and over-optimized content damaged site trust and
brand reputation

Needed to make a big impact without spending a fortune on
traditional advertising.

What I did

Comprehensive SEO audit

Complete restructuring of site architecture and rewrite of content

Extensive, content-driven link-building campaign

Citation clean-up and acquisition for local SEO

Work processing :

First, I did an SEO audit to unearth the site’s core issues and
explain them all clearly to the client.

Next, I did the onsite SEO, optimizing the site content for keywords
that would actually convert visitors and bring in qualified leads – one of
the main goals Dolman had had little success with to date.

After that, I started working with Backlinks. First I removed all of the toxic backlinks and
then start working on building quality links. Such as HARO, Guest posting, Local citations

One of the major factor was create a local authority , so I start working with Google my business and
Social media optimization and got some amazing results too

Throughout the entire processing , I have worked with content quality and optimized it perfectly

I Provide my report to the client after every 15days so that he might know what I was doing


When comparing January 2019 to the previous year, organic traffic has
skyrocketed from just 3,076 sessions in 2019 to over 13,000 in 2020 – more
than quadrupling the volume. But it is not just volume

That traffic is generating high-quality leads from discerning customers.
In fact, Dolman is now welcoming 20 or more new cases a month from the
site, versus 3 to 5 in years prior. That represents an estimated 400% greater
intake, representing up to $170,000 in added attorney fees billed per

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