Our Case Study


In this case study, we explore the significance of thorough keyword
research in the context of law firm SEO strategies.

Introduction: In this case study, we explore the significance of thorough keyword research in the
context of law firm SEO strategies. We will examine the experiences of a prominent law firm,
The Michigan Law Firm, and shed light on the importance of choosing the right keywords to
enhance search engine visibility and drive targeted organic traffic. The case study emphasizes
the considerations of keyword difficulty, competition analysis, audience targeting, and a
balanced mix of short and long-term keyword optimization.


Background: The Michigan Law Firm is a reputable legal practice specializing in personal injury
cases in the state of Michigan. Seeking to improve their online presence and attract more
relevant visitors to their website (https://www.themichiganlawfirm.com/), they Hire me as an
SEO expert

What I did
Keyword Difficulty and Competitor Analysis: I have recognised that choosing the right keywords
plays a crucial role in optimising a law firm’s website for search engines. While low keyword
difficulty may initially appear tempting, I advised the law firm to consider the competition
surrounding those keywords. By analysing the top competitors for the selected keywords, the
consultant gained valuable insights into the difficulty of outranking them.

Narrowing the Scope of Target Audiences: Rather than focusing solely on high-volume
keywords, I encouraged The Michigan Law Firm to choose specific keywords that would narrow
down the scope of their target audience. This strategic approach ensured that the firm’s website
would attract visitors who were more likely to convert into potential clients. By understanding
their ideal client personas, the law firm was able to refine their keyword selection process.

Balancing Short and Long-Term SEO Success: To achieve sustainable SEO success, I
stressed the importance of incorporating a mix of short and long-term keywords into the law
firm’s SEO strategy. While long-tail keywords may have lower search volumes, they often
indicate higher intent and are easier to rank for. By targeting a combination of high-volume and
long-tail keywords, The Michigan Law Firm maximized their chances of attracting relevant traffic
in both the short and long term.

Competitor and Backlink Analysis: To finalize the selection of keywords to target, I have
utilized competitor profiles and backlink profiles of the top-ranking competitors in the legal
industry. This comprehensive analysis allowed the law firm to identify keyword opportunities that
were relatively untapped and had the potential to drive substantial organic traffic.

Results and Impact: By implementing the recommendations provided by Me, The Michigan
Law Firm witnessed significant improvements in their search engine rankings and organic traffic.
Within a few months, their website began ranking higher for targeted keywords, resulting in
increased visibility among their ideal client base. As a result, the law firm experienced a notable
boost in relevant inquiries and conversions, leading to an overall growth in their client base.

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