Social Media Designs

A section dedicated to Crazygraph’s social media design services, including portfolios, design processes, and pricing.


4.9 billion users are using Social Media like Facebook & Instagram daily!  These are your potential customers! Creating Attractive Social Media Design will help your business and brand stand out! When you run Social Media Campaign, With Proper Targeting and Proper AdCopy Your Social Media Design or Ad Design is IMPORTANT! When  Because we visualize what you think!

We Do:

  1. Graphic Design for Social Media:
  • Design custom graphics, including images, banners, and promotional materials for social media platforms.
  • Create visually appealing posts and cover photos.
  1. Social Media Templates:
  • Develop branded templates for consistent content across social media posts.
  • Templates can include post layouts, story templates, and more.
  1. Custom Illustrations and Icons:
  • Design unique illustrations, icons, and graphics to enhance social media content.
  • Ensure illustrations align with the client’s brand and messaging.
  1. Animated Graphics and GIFs:
  • Create animated graphics and GIFs to capture users’ attention on social media.
  • Use animation to make content more engaging.
  1. Photo Editing and Enhancement:
  • Edit and enhance client-supplied photos to meet social media standards.
  • Optimize images for quality and engagement.
  1. Content Creation for Posts:
  • Design visuals and write engaging and concise copy to accompany posts.
  • Include relevant hashtags and calls-to-action in the content.
  1. Storytelling through Visuals:
  • Convey the client’s brand message and storytelling through visuals.
  • Craft images and graphics that resonate with the audience.
  1. Infographics and Data Visualization:
  • Create informative infographics to present data and statistics in a visually appealing way.
  • Use visualization techniques to simplify complex information.
  1. Cross-Platform Adaptation:
  • Ensure that content is adapted for various social media platforms with the right dimensions and specifications.
  1. Branding and Visual Guidelines: – Develop and maintain branding and visual guidelines for the client’s social media presence. – Ensure a consistent and recognizable brand image across all social media content.

  2. Trend Integration: – Stay up-to-date with current social media design trends. – Incorporate trending visual elements into content when relevant.

  3. Ad Creative Design: – Design visuals for social media advertising campaigns, ensuring they align with the overall visual theme.

Need A Custom Plan For Your Business?

If You Need Special Event Processing, Or Have Unique Requirements We
Are Happy To Design A Customized Package For You.